LHC endeavors to create guides for all of its collections so that researchers may easily find information on a variety of topics. Below are collection guides that have been completed. General subjects of the collections are provided, as well as people mentioned, but the documents may also be searched.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of LHC collections. For information please contact us at research@lawrencehistory.org | 978-686-9230.

  • American Textile History Museum Collection, 1845-1975
  • Moulton Batchelder Papers, 1863-1929

    Subjects: Law Enforcement, Crimes, Criminals, Immigrants, Mill Accidents, Pacific Mills, Methuen Co., Mill Workers, Bread and Roses Strike, Textile Industry, Labor, Civil War, Families, Clubs 

    People: Moulton Batchelder, Joseph Ettor, Arturo Giovannitti, Chase Philbrick, John Montgomery, John Sherry, Kimball W. Rollins, William Hyde, John Daly, John W. Flynn, Jeannette Wilcox, Peter Harn, Carrie M. Maynard, Judge William Moody

  • Bolton-Emerson, Inc. Collection, 1905-1988

    Subjects: Bolton-Emerson Inc., Eagle Knife & Bar Co., paper manufacturing, pulp, plastics, industry, laminators, coaters, business, machinery, manufacturing, equipment, Tornado II, TL-1060 Laminator, Cyclone Deflaker 

    People: John W. Bolton, Archer Leroy Bolton, William W. Bolton, John W. Fitzgerald, Sandra M. Krug, Glen I. Urquhart, Edward A. Krug, Norman Barber, John G. Bolton, John Mladota

  • Bread & Roses Heritage Committee Collection, 1984-2015

    Subjects: Labor, Strikes, Strike of 1912, Bread and Roses, Festivals, Committees, Planning, Financial, Records, Music, Musicians, Performers, Dance, Folk, Singers, Art, Administration, Grants, Fundraising, Permits, Permission, Funding, Vendors, Minutes, Programs, Cultural, Entertainment, Food, Cultures, Unions, Publicity, Marketing, Logo, Lawrence History Live, Crafts, Volunteers, Ralph Fasanella, Taxes, Finances, Receipts, Expenses, Board, Awards, Bread and Roses Hall of Fame Award, T-shirts, Common, Campagnone Common, Activists, Activism, Activities, Human Rights, Volunteering, Labor Day, History, Celebration

    People: Bread and Roses Heritage Committee

  • Bruce Family Papers, 1865-1955 

    Subjects: World War I, Families, Politics, Mayors, Community Involvement, Arlington Mills, Immigrants, Gold Rush, Harvard University, Phillips Academy, Civil War, Clubs, Businesses

    People: Alexander B. Bruce, David Bruce, Charles Wainwright, Carrie Wainwright, Emma Wainwright, Mary Mitchell, Alec Bruce, Lillian Bruce, Beverley Bruce, Edith Bruce, Helen Bruce, Reverend William E. Wolcott, Alfred J. Bates, M. H. Young

  • Mayor John J. Buckley Papers, 1921-1985

    Subjects: Mayors, Politicians, Politics, City Officials, Political Campaigns, Elections, Department of Engineering, Department of Health and Charities, Department of Public Property and Parks, Department of Public Safety, Massachusetts Governor's Council, Rent Control Board, Urban Renewal, Urban Redevelopment, Traffic Operations Program to Improve Capacity and Safety (TOPICS), Taxes, Discrimination, Charter Reform, Education, Lawrence Public Schools, Greater Lawrence Regional Vocational Technical High School, Massachusetts League of Cities and Towns, U.S. Conference of Mayors, Mayors' Association, Fair Housing Act, Unemployment, Labor, Transportation, Greater Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, Lawrence Eagle Tribune

    People: Governor Francis W. Sargent, Richard A. Reming, Robert J. Lippe, Alfred A. Donovan, James A. Feeley, Harold S. Weinroth, Roland R. Siskind

  • Buswell, Merrill, and Poor(e) Family Collection, 1804-1980

    Subjects: Families, Military, Soldiers, Officers, Civil War, Death, Estates, Cemeteries, Taxes, Home Ownership, Weddings, Businesses, Buswell Acres, Genealogy

    People: Joshua Buswell, Joseph E. Buswell, Abigail Buswell, Julia Buswell, Mildred Buswell, Licus Buswell, Bernard Clinton Buswell, Isaac Buswell, Joseph Merrill Buswell, Washington Merrill, Lydia Merrill, Julia Merrill, John Merrill, Thomas Poore, Mrs. Piercy Poore, Enoch Poor, Fred A. Poor, Chester Poor, Charles Poor, George Poor, Dennis Capron, Mary Madden, Rev. Charles Oliphant

  • Andrew "Andy" Callahan Collection, 1910-2000

    Subjects: Boxing, Sports, Military, Veterans, War, WWII, Purple Heart Award, Presidential Certificates and Awards, Methods of Communication during war time

    People: Cy Brown, Jimmy Cagney, Andrew Callahan, Peter Callahan, Robert Crosby, Arthur Flynn, Henry Janco, Al Lacy, George Moore, Tony Previte,, President Franklin D. Roosevelt , Jack Sharkey, Rita Callahan Shine

  • Papers of Donald J. Christensen, 1911? - 1998?

    Subjects: Textiles, Dyeing, Chemistry, Manufacturing, Fabric Samples, Lab Notes, Textron, Aspinook Corporation, Lawrence Experiment Station, Color Samples, Dupont, General Dyestuff Company

    People: Ernest H. Allard, Donald J. Christensen, C.L. Daley, Julius K. Jarek, R.G. Knowland, , John J. McDonald

  • Church of the Good Shepherd Unitarian Universalist Collection, 1847-1980

    Subjects: Religion, Churches, Unitarians, Universalists, Church Events, Church Government, Church Clubs, Church Organizations, Church Finances, Sunday School, Sermons, American Unitarian Association, Essex Company, Philanthropy

    People Charles Storrow, Lucey Storrow, Hezekiah Plummer, William Joplin, George Howe, Amos Barstow Murphy, Robert Wheatley, Theodore Deluca, Josephine Spalding, Ernest J. Bowden, Frank A. Sherman, Clinton Andrews, George Brown, Perley Leck, Eugene Woodbury, Evangeline O’Connor Proctor, Don Howard Little, Keith Munson, Edwin Craven, Priscilla Allen, George Clark, Summer Needham, George H. McFarlin, Henry Buell, Rev. MJ Steere, W. Wayne Artis, Kenneth Hawkes

  • City of Lawrence Board of Health Collection, 1874 – 1984 

    [More public health collection resources available at http://www.lawrencehistory.org/education/symposium/2018/resources

  • Hugh A. Cregg Papers, 1912?-1960

    Subjects:Lawyers, District Attorneys, Essex County, Crime, Criminals, Trials, Campaigns, Elections, World War I, Families, Senators, Selectmen, Sports, Athletes, Banking Industry, Death, Prohibition, Fraud, Government Officials, Religion

    People: Winifred (Gerrin) Cregg, Donald Cregg, Edward F. Cregg, Russell Noble, Jessie B. Costello, William Costello, Clement F. Molway, Louis Berrett, Alderman J. W. McCarthy, Frances Cochrane, Peter Akulonis, Charles W. McNeil, Lorraine Clark, Edmund Pearson, Judge Felix Forte, Judge Horace T. Cahill, Isadore Osman

  • Elizabeth Drwila Massachusetts Women's Defense Corps Collection, 1941-1992 

    Subjects: Women's History, World War II, Military History, Massachusetts Women's Defense Corps, Volunteers, First Aid, Air Raids, Camp O'Connor, Celebrations, Holidays

    People:: Elizabeth Drwila, Vincenza Lomastro, Colonel Carolyn F. Standley

  • Essex Company Collection

    Subjects: Essex Company, Boston Associates, Mills, Textile Industry, Manufacturing, Water Power, Water Supply, Experiment Station, Public Health, Dams, Canals, Rivers, Construction, Engineering, Businesses, Real Estate, City Planning

    People: Amos Lawrence, Abbot Lawrence, Samuel Lawrence, Nathan Appleton, Patrick Tracy Jackson, Daniel Saunders, William Sturgis, Ignatious Sargent, Hiram F. Mills, Charles S. Storrow, Robert Tewksbury, Richard A. Hale

  • Barry Flynn Essex Company Collection, 1804-1985?

    Subjects: Essex Company, Boston Associates, Mills, Textile Industry, Manufacturing, Water Power, Water Supply, Experiment Station, Public Health, Dams, Canals, Rivers, Construction, Engineering, Businesses, Real Estate, City Planning

    People: Abbott Lawrence, Richard A. Hale, Hiram F. Mills, Charles S. Storrow, Barry Flynn

  • First Spiritual Church of Methuen Collection, 1887-1974

    Subjects: Churches, Spiritualism, Religion, Mediums, Church Events, Church Organizations, Church Clubs, Lyceum, Hymns, Church Finances, National Spiritualist Association, Massachusetts State Association of Spiritualists, Church Government

    People: Thomas Hadfield, Martha A. Whitehead, Elizabeth Short, Dan Moore

  • First Universalist Society of Methuen Collection, 1824-1959

    Subjects: Churches, Universalism, Religion, Church Events, Church Organizations, Church Clubs, Sunday School, Church Finances, Church Government, Massachusetts Universalist Convention, Philanthropy

    People: Rev. Libby, Kimball Gleason Colby, Fred S. Woodbury, W. L. S. Gilcreast, Charles H. Tenney, Addison P. Russell, Asa Simonds, A. Gertrude Earl

  • John S. Harrison Civil War Letters, 1860-1865 

    Subjects: Civil War, Military History, Soldiers, Draft Riots, Artillery, Weaponry, Romance

    People: John H. Freeman, John S. Harrison, Wallace Bailey, Henry A. Dow, Angus T. Whitfield, Clara Cleveland, I. F. Batchelder, President Abraham Lincoln, General Ulysses Grant, General George McClellan, Governor Horatio Seymour

    Note: The original letters have been restricted, but scans and transcriptions are available to researchers.

  • Mayor Daniel P. Kiley, Jr. Papers, 1900?-1971 

    Subjects: Mayors, Politics, Politicians, City Officials, Political Campaigns, Elections, Urban Renewal, Urban Redevelopment, Lawrence Housing Authority, Title I, Mental Health Initiatives, Labor, Unions, Collective Bargaining, Lawrence School Committee, Lawrence Public Schools, Youth and School Programs, Clubs, Sports, Football, Policemen, Police Department, Massachusetts League of Cities & Towns, U.S. Conference of Mayors 

    People: Mayor Daniel P. Kiley, Jr., Daniel Kiley, Sr., Rosemary Kiley, Kevin Kiley, Donald Kiley, Dr. Fritz Lindquist, Patrick J. Mogan, Vice President Hubert Humphrey, John F. Burke

  • Lawrence Garden Club Collection, 1925-2005 

    Subjects: Lawrence Garden Club, Scrapbooks, Festival of Trees, Gardening, Garden, Flowers, Horticulture, Beautification, Women, Civic, Community, Anti-litter, Civic Beautification, Contests, Plant Sales, Clubs, Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Daffodil Project, Awards, National Council of State Garden Clubs, Inc., Flower Shows, Bay State Civic Beautification Contest, Presidents, Secretaries, Meetings, Minutes, Notes, Handbooks, Photo Albums 

    People: Mrs. Harry Clarke, Dick and Joan McCarthy, Edwin A. Buthmann, Mrs. Philip Zanfagna, Mrs. Basil S. Munson, Susan T. Poore, E. Evelyn Kellett, Mrs. Joseph Galloway, Eileen Miele, Agnes Arcand, Kay Hamblet

  • Lawrence General Hospital Collection, 1876-2003 

    Subjects: Hospitals, Philanthropy, Charities, Illness, Treatments, Patients, Doctors, Nurses, Schools, Lawrence Flower Mission, Ladies' Union Charitable Society of Lawrence, Immigrants, Poverty, Working Class, Children, Childcare 

    People: Susan Crocker

  • Lawrence Women's Club Collection, 1892-1989 

    Subjects: Women, Philanthropy, Charity, Social Improvement, Social Innovation, Immigration, Immigrants, Clubs, Massachusetts State Federation of Women's Clubs, Lawrence Women's Club, Poverty, Social Clubs, Societies, Organizations, Volunteerism, Leadership, Tuesday Sorosis Club 

    People: Emily G. Wetherbee, Mrs. Henry Leslie Sherman, Marion Barker, Amanda M. Brackett

  • Mayor Lawrence P. LeFebre Papers, 1849-2005 

    Subjects: Mayors, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Governors, Senators, Representatives, Politics, Politicians, City Officials, Political Campaigns, Elections, Legislation, Inaugurations, Hydroelectricity, Lawrence Community Boating Program, Lawrence Public Schools, Lawrence High School, Celebrities, Birthdays, Sports, Football, Lacrosse, Baseball, Families, Celebrations, School Committees, Total Quality Management, Greater Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, God and Country Parade, Lawrence Musicians Union, Arlington District, Lawrence Rental Association, Ithaca College, Lawrence Development and Industrial Commission, Lawrence High School Hall of Fame, Lawrence In-Town, Massachusetts Association of School Committees, Lawrence Heritage State Park 

    People: Mayor Lawrence LeFebre, Lorraine LeFebre, Eileen (Crowley) LeFebre, Eva Graf, Georgianna LeFebre, Robert LeFebre, Pauline LeFebre, Patricia LeFebre, Barry Flynn, Dr. W. Edwards Deming, James (Chip) Carter, President James (Jimmy) Carter, Senator Edwards Kennedy, Vice President Walter Mondale, David Burke, Congressman Thomas Lane, Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker, Governor Edward King, Mayor Walter Griffin, Mayor Kevin Sullivan, Joseph Markey, Robert Moynihan, Terrance Schiavone, John F. Burke, John F. Kennedy, Barbara Young, Lieutenant Governor Thomas O'Neill, Governor Michael Dukakis, Senator Sharon Pollard, Malcolm Stevenson Forbes

  • Everett Marshall Collection, 1901-1965 

    Subjects: Singer, Performer, Worcester County Music School, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Europe, Performances, Music books, Sheet Music, Scrapbooks, Fan Mail, Correspondence, Invitations, Reviews, Radio, Telegraphs, Christmas Carols 1981, Holiday Sing Along Songs 1988, Treasure Chest of Songs We Love, Operatic Anthology: Celebrated Arias, Baritone Songs, Scotland in Song, Schirmer's Library: Brahms Vocal Album, Schirmer’s Library: Master songs by Great Composers, Schirmer’s Library of Musical Classics Brahms Fifty Selected Songs, Blossom Time, Vorrei Morire Melodia, Songs by American Composers, Goin’ Home, Danny Boy Adapted from Old Irish Air, Songs by European Composers, Biblioteca Lirica Massenet Il Re Di Lahore, Biblioteca Lirica Verdi LA Forza Del Destino, I Got Plenty O’ Nuttin’: Porgy and Bess, 19 Celebrated Baritone Solos, Three of The Most Outstanding Modern American Musical Novelties Ever Written, Danny Boy Songs, Irish Country Song, Sylvia, Begin The Beguine, Dupac: Six Song, Early Italian Songs and Arias, Danny Boy Arrangements, Old Time Songs, Sonetti Francescani, Lehar Melodien, Pathways of Song, 15 Favorite Spirituals, Clair De Lune: De La Suit Bergamasque, Duna: Song, Blossom Time, The Wreck of the “Julie Plante, Golden Days from The Student Prince, Franz Schubert Songs, My Message (I Sent You Red Roses), Because, Verdi Falstaff, Verdi Don Carlo “Per me Guinto e il di Supremo, Pezzi Celebri Di Opere Teatrali; Per Canto E Pianoforte, Mélancolie; Per Conto E Pianoforte, Gemme De Maestri Antichi, Pagliacci, Four Victor Herbert Song Successes, Ave Maria, 3 Poesie Persiane, Donizetti La Favorita: “Vien, Leonora, a’piedi Amor, Magazines, Screen Romances, Motion Picture, Opera: Concert and Symphony, Broadway, Theater, Bandwagon, Romantic Movie Stories, Miami Beach Visitor Pamphlets, Lohengrin, The Playgoer, R.K.O. Palace, Key to the City, honorary badge, Casa Mana, Opera, Ziegfeld Follies, NBC Radio Programs-Bisodol Co., Warner Bros. Studios companies, voice lessons 

    People: Everett Marshall, Bebe Daniels, Louise E. Marshall, Luigina E. Marianetti,

  • Noonan Family Collection, 1868-1998 

    Subjects: Education, Teaching, Curriculum, Textbooks, Lawrence High School, Boston University, St. Mary's Parish, St. Mary's High School, Sisterhood, Lawrence Public Schools 

    People: Mary V. Noonan, Kathryn E. Noonan, Catherine Noonan, Ellen (Nellie) Byron Noonan, William Noonan, Lawrence Byron, Marguarite Byron, Edward J. Byron, Annie M. Byron,

  • Alice Winifred O’Connor Papers, 1846?-1990?

    • Finding Aid
    • Alice Winifred O'Connor Immigration Thesis, 1914 (View on Internet Archive)
    • Alice Winifred O'Connor Personal Diaries (View on Internet Archive)

    Subjects: Immigration History, Immigration Law, Discrimination, Naturalization, Citizenship, Massachusetts Division of Immigration and Naturalization, International Institute of Boston, National League for American Citizenship, National Citizenship Education Program, Massachusetts Displaced Persons Commission, Education, Economics, Social Clubs, Political Clubs, Emmanuel College, Social Work, Lawyers, Great Depression, Works Project Administration, World War II, Cold War, McCarran Act, Red Scare, Communism, Religion, St. Francis Purgatorial Society, Families, Genealogy People: Pauline Rever Thayer, Mary Guyton, Mary O'Connor, Susanna O'Connor, Eleanor O'Connor, John P. O'Connor, Susanna (Brassill) O'Connor, Walter H. Bieringer, Senator/President John F. Kennedy, Dennis E. Callahan, Governor Leverett Saltonstall, John E Sweeney, Mary Sweeney, Mary O'Connor (Alice O'Connor's Aunt), Maurice Mahoney, Maggie Leary, Charles O'Donnell, John Joyce, Ellen O'Connor, Abigail O'Connor, John Higgins, Timothy Sweeney, John P. O'Connor, Mary O'Connor Sullivan, Annie Hart, Honora F. Brassill, Bridget Brassill, Johanna Brassill, Nora Brassill, Patrick Brassill, Jan Coakley, Richard H. Forshay, Marjorie (Putnam) Coakley, Jennie Joyce, Katie A. Brassill, Captain Michael F. Sullivan, Mary A. Sullivan, John S. Sullivan, Richard J. Sullivan, President Calvin Coolidge, President William Howard Taft, President Herbert Hoover, President Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • La Patrie Disc Français Record Label Collection, ca. 1919–1925 

    Subjects: 78 RPM records, phonograph records, Community, Ethnicity, Franco-Americans, French Canadians, Immigrants, Folk Music, Parlor Music, Patriotic Music, Religious Music, Christmas Music, Storytelling, Comedy Skit, Companies, Record Labels, Music History, French language 

    People: Joseph D. Noël, Herman Tremblay, F.C. Gibeau, Alfred Lavallé, W. Garceau, Francis C. Chantereau, T.V. Herman, Baptiste Frappier, Paul Mireault, Placide Morency, A.J. Harpin, Elzéar Hamel, A. Desmarteau, Juliette Belleveau, Gaston Nolin, Gaston St. Jacques, J.R. Tremblay, Michael Hébert, Edward Connors

  • Charles L. Patterson Family Papers, 1899?-1993? Patterson Family Tree, 1609-1993 

    Subjects: Families, Genealogy, Grecian Lodge (A. F. & A. M.), Lawrence Canoe Club, Lawrence High School, Graduations, Knights Templar, National Machine Tools Builders Association, Freemasons, Recreation, Marriages, Deaths 

    People: Charles L. Patterson, Beatrice (Parkinson) Patterson, James Patterson, Agnes Flora (Lawrence) Patterson, John Lawrence, Arthur H. Rooney, L. H. Lawlor, Horace M. Lawrence, Helen Rollins, Florence L. Steele, Alice C. Dorman

  • Guy Pennisi Papers, 1892-1995? 

    Subjects: Religion, Immigrants, Italian-Americans, Art, Theater, Holy Rosary Parish, Venerini Sisters, Private Schools, Public Schools, Graduations, Entertainment, Politics, Merrimack Valley History, Clubs, Boy Scouts, Sons of Italy, Knights of Columbus, Businesses, Technology, Healthy Living 

    People: Guy Pennisi, Julia Pennisi, Joseph Pennisi, Maurice Pennisi, Carmelina Pennisi, Mark Pennisi, John F. Kennedy

  • Papers of Clarisse Poirier, Ph.D. 

    Subjects: Preservation, Immigrant City Archives, City Planning, Lawrence Community Development Department, Merrimack College, Manuscripts, Fisi Sales Building, Architecture, Pemberton Mill, Oral Histories, Historic Districts, National Register of Historic Places, North Canal District, Mechanics Block, Urban Design, Economics, Lawrence City Hall Cupola, Urban Renewal 

    People: Eartha Dengler, Clarisse Poirier

  • [Lawrence History Center] Scrapbook Collection, (1885-1990) 

    Subjects: Community, Ethnicity, Theater, Infrastructure, Music, Athletics, Business, Education, Military 

    People: Agnes M. Northam , (Francis Gillen and Agnes Northam-Gillen, Mary Lou Bluemel, Reverend James A. McDonald , Reverend Brother Flortentius, Maurice F. Murray, Edward DePippo , Arthur DeMerick Marble , William Caffrey, Waldo Demara, “The Great Imposter”, Edith Mank, Helen Mank, Guilmette Family, Buckley Family, Jaffarian Family, Pierog Family, Mayor Lawrence P. LeFebre, Thelma Todd, O'Hearn Family, Francis M. Leahy , Eugene Stoclinski , Theodore Bedul , Helen Rys, Anthony Ferrucci, Mayor Patricia Dowling, Anthony Ippolito , Robert E. Sault , Ferdinand Lehnert Junior, Jacobus Langendoen , J.A Kennedy , Arthur Fielder , John Tilley , Bertha Gerstenberger , Alice M. McCarthy, Margaret Horner, John R. Dimitry, Robert V. O’Sullivan, Private Louis P. LaPonte , Marion Mitchell Doyle, Jane A. Delano

  • Lawrence Public Schools Superintendent James F. Scully Collection, 1988-1998 

    Subjects: Lawrence Public Schools, Schools, Education, Superintendent, Teaching, Teacher, Principal, Computers, Bagpipes, Spending, Controversy, Budget, School Board, School Committee, Newspapers, Articles, Newspaper Articles, The Eagle Tribune, The Boston Globe, Accreditation, School System, Massachusetts Education Presentations, New England School Rosters, Letters, Correspondence, Speeches, Meetings, Employment, Learning Centers, School Closures, Sports, Lawrence, School News, Elementary, Renovations, School Buildings, New England Association of Schools and College, Inc., A Factual Response to the Commissioner, 1990s, 1980s, Commissioner, Commissioner of Education, Staffing, Teachers, Management, Meetings, Minutes, Education Reform Act, Violence, Data, Class Size, Test Results, Course Offerings, Building Maintenance, Community Involvement, State Takeover, Lost Accreditation, Lawrence High School, Students, Curriculum, Cities 

    People: James F. Scully, William R. Carey, Richard Parthum, Paul Celluci, Anthony Antonucci

  • O.E. Steinert Co. Inc. Collection 

    Subjects: Architecture, businesses, construction, local business, homes, commercial buildings 

    People: Otto E. Steinert, Edwin H. Steinert, Francis E. Steinert, James L. Feather

  • Julian Stopyra Polish American Veterans Post Collection 

    Subjects: Polish, Community, Veterans, Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona, WWII, Civic Engagement, Parades, Parties, Clubs, Ethnic Organizations, Bands, Certificates, Honors, Military, Scrapbooks, Bars 

    People: Julian Stopyra

  • Traveler's Club of Greater Lawrence (1897-2006) Finding Aid 

    Subjects: Traveling, club, women’s social club, education, travel, local travel, international travel, social club 

    People: Agnes Stuart, Mary Barlow, Mary Atkinson, Ida Merrill, Mrs. Harry Musk, Mrs. Herbert Horne, Mrs. George Ketchum, Mrs. Hugo Beil

  • Urban Renewal and Redevelopment Collection, 1949?­1977? 

    Subjects: Urban Renewal Programs, City Planning, Land Redevelopment, Immigrants, Families, Businesses, Relocation Programs, Housing Codes, Zoning Ordinances , Economics, Demographics, Employment, Housing, Tenements, Lawrence Housing Authority, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Municipal Governments, City Officials, Poverty, Older Persons, Taxes, Suburbanization, Commercial Districts, Lawrence High School, Lawrence General Hospital, Neighborhoods, Eminent Domain 

    People: John J. Sorois, Thomas Walsh, Mayor John J. Buckley, Mayor Daniel P. Kiley, Jr.

  • H.K. Webster and Blue Seal Feeds Collection, 1875-1993 

    Subjects: Companies, Businesses, Animal feed, Industry, New England, Civil War, Grain workers, H.K. Webster Co., Robert & Douglas Company, Haskins & Sells, McGladrey & Pullen, and Blue Seal Feeds, Inc. 

    People: Henry Kingman Webster, Dean K. Webster

  • Greater Lawrence Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Collection, 1892-1979