Jewish Community Life (continued)


Left Column (top to bottom) 

  • Sarah Lena Druckman Landy. Worked in the mills as a young woman, and sent this picture back to Rumania to show how well she did. However, things weren't that great. (A) 
  • Chestnut Street store of Philip and Rebecca Millman (C) 
  • Jacob and Joe Posternak in their butcher shop. Urban renewal in the 1950's led to the relocation &om Valley Street to Lowell Street, where the business became known as Posternak and Feinman. (B) 
  • Black and White Review, an annual variety show. (E) 
  • Pinky's Cafe, 57 Franklin Street corner of Valley Street. Demolished during Urban Renewal. (G) 
  • Knights of Pythias, Lawrence Lodge #162: Rank Team, May 17, 1945. (D) 
  • The Racket Store, 103-109 Essex Street (H) 
  • Check of the Racket Store (I) 

Right Column (top to bottom) 

  • Liberty Bell Bakery on Valley Street, Louis Schwartz, prop. (F) 


(A) Source: Oral History, Harold Landy Family, May 14, 1995. Lawrence History Center, pp. 9-10. 

(B) The father, Jacob, immigrated to Lawrence from Russia in l919 and operated a kosher meat market on Valley Street. 

Source: Wicked Local Newton, October 26, 2009. Photo Courtesy,  Joe Bella Collection

(A) (C) - (I) Photos: Courtesy, Lawrence History Center