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Date: Saturday, April 27, 2024 

Location: YDO, Everett Mills, 15 Union Street, 6th Floor, Lawrence 

Contact(s): Susan Grabski, Executive Director, Lawrence History Center, 

This symposium is designed for exploration and dialogue, thinking broadly about the history and evolution of education in the city of Lawrence through the multi-disciplinary lens of the humanities. The day-long effort will focus on the topic of education in Lawrence (and similar communities) from its founding as a town in 1847 to the present day. 

There have been many historic steps since the first Lawrence School Committee meeting of May 3, 1847. The Lawrence Public School System has grown to include 26 schools, 3,000 staff positions and 13,000+ students (April 2023). What did education look like to a predominantly immigrant population in an emerging industrial city then, and now to a Latino majority population in the shadow of de-industrialization, state receivership, and in a post Covid-19 era.