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American Textile History Museum Collection, 1845-1975

Finding Aid for the American Textile History Museum Collection, 1845-1975 

Subjects: Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts, Board of Trade, City Auditor, Receipts, Expenses, Property, City Hall, Fire Department, Police Department, School Department, Military Department, Pauper Department, Public Works Department, Cemetery Department, City Engineer, Streets, Sidewalks, Paving, Sewer, Den Rock, Bellevue Cemetery, Broadway Bridge, City Boundary, Wards, Duck Bridge, Union Street Bridge, Union Street Bridge Piers, Outer Main Sewer, Lower Pacific Mills, B & LRR Bridge, Gale’s Hill, Street Watering, Elevated Footway, State Highway, Bloody Brook, City Rifle Range, City Solicitor, Litigation, Dyehouse, United States Worsted Corporation, Wood Mill, Washington Mill, Monomac Mill, Ayer Mill, Sutton Mill, Essex Company, Dam Ownership, Dam Accidents, Dam Safeguard, Merrimack River, Water Power, Lowell Waterways, Lowell Mills, Lowell, Stockholder Report, Machine Shop, Reservoir, Mill Construction, Mechanical Engineering, Essex Company Incorporation, Canal Construction, Dam Construction, Canal Maintenance, Toll Collection, Pacific Mills Chimney, Purification, Water Filter, Engine Company, Fire Statistics, Personnel, Fire Alarm, Telegraph Locations, Fire Ordinances, Ladies’ Union Charitable Society, Lawrence General Hospital, Nurse, Nurse Directory, Disease Data, Patient Data, Training School for Nurses, Lawrence City Mission, Manufacturing Statistics, Photographs, Mayor, Inaugural Address, Pemberton Mill, Lawrence Calamity, Collapse, Sundial, Cemetery Records, Fire Alarm Telegraph, Temperance, Industrial School for Boys, Bridge Construction, Board of Health, Park Commission, Common, Common Park, Lawrence Common, Needham Post, Cannon, Shade Tree, Elm Beetle, Brown Moth Infestation, Amphitheatre Park, Jail Park, Union Park, Spicket Playstead, Longicorn Beetle, Durant Square, Storrow Park, Public Library, White Fund, Franklin Library, School Committee, School Superintendent, Romanist Children, Truancy, Teacher Roster, Spicket River, Spicket River Valley Commissioner, Lawrence Street Bridge, River Channel, Street Superintendent, Cesspool, Maintenance, Turbine Studies, Power Studies, Water Wheel Test, Swain Turbine, Boott Cotton Mill, Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, Dynamometers, Piezometers, Water Pressure, Sewer Report, Water Report, Drinking Fountain, Fire Hydrant, Filter Construction, Pumping Station, High Service Tower, Salisbury Park, Ice Fountain, Lawrence Experiment Station, Haggett’s Pond Andover, Lake Cochichewick, North Andover, Policy Pond, Windham, New Hampshire, Tower Hill, Stop Gate Locations, Filtering Gallery, Water Consumption, George E. Kunhardt Corporation, Winter Garden Flower Shop, Sunnyside Greenhouses, Bowling Budget, New Hampshire Power Survey, Suncook River, Cotton Centenary Celebration, Pawtucket, RI, North Andover Historical Society, Stockbridge, MA, Old Dartmouth Historical Society, Dye Plants, Ludlow Manufacturing, Danville, Textile Coloring, Textile Finishing, Fire Hose, Mill Girls, Boarding House, Cotton, Wool, Worsted, Gabardine, Twill, Herringbone, Tweed, Checks, Donegal, Houndstooth, Stripe, Plaidback, Basketweave, Flannel, Jacquard, Shirting, Uniform, Power Loom, Hand Loom, Fabric, Fiber Samples, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Register of Historic Places, Mechanic’s Block, Garden Street, Orchard Street, Lawrence Machine Shop, Great Stone Dam, North Canal, South Canal, Row Houses, Everett Mill, Canal Street, Worsted Mill, American Woolen Company, Hydro Electric Power, Antisnarling Motion, Spinning Mules, 1912 Strike, Labor, 1919 Mill Strike, Immigration, Lawrence Industrial School, Bread and Roses, 24 Osgood Street, Auxiliary Military Police, Murabito Wool Sorting Machine model, Tussah Silk, Cashmere Tibet, Alpaca, Camel Hair, Russian Hemp, Baby Kid Mohair, Mohair Sourced, American Flax, White Cashmere, Viscose Top, Cashmere Coarse Hair, Black Alpaca, Kirawata Fiber, Rabbit Hair, Mohair In Grease, Mohair Cut, Kempy Wool, Natural Brown Cashmere, Greasy Wool, Scoured Wool, Combed Wool, Roving, Tarn Weaving, Thermometer, Taylor Instrument Companies, Stencil, Holyers Patent, Paperweight, Pacific Craft Fabric, World War II, Milk Bottle, Workers Cooperative Union, Scale, Rubber Stamp, Wrench, Spool Holder, Crosby Steam Gauge Valve, Lathe Dog, 1876 Centennial, Smith Hogg Gardner Company, Medal, Ribbon, Sulecxeenon, Wardhurst, July 4th , Semi Centennial, 50th Anniversary, Oakdale Pattern, Eagle, Agawam Dye, Wool Bureau, Bench, Steam Whistle, Cane, Lantern, Sample, Display, Pick Axe, Hygrometer, Parks Cramer Company 

People: Hiram Mills, James B. Francis, Charles Storrow, Amos Lawrence, A.R. Brewster, Reverend W.A. Keese, Reverend Thomas Tyrie, James K. Barker, Frank Davis, R.H. Tewksbury, Alvin E. Mack, George E. Kunhardt, Kenneth B. Kunhardt, George S. Junkins, Cornelius F. Lynch, Henry V. Harrington, William S. Marsh, Charles E. Hall, Samuel Webber, James Emerson, Frederick L. Rice, Alfred P. Weigel, Reverend David D. Field, Rowland Hazard, Daniel Chester French, John S. Pendleton, Janet Edith Duncan, Philip Henry Dreyer, Timothy McAuliffe, Charles Storer Storrow, Laura Kennedy, Theresa A. Gilhooly, Linda Gerniglia, Susan Dowd, James P. Dowd, Andrew K. Innes, Porter Family, Milner Family, Fred Almon Richardson, Albert Brainerd, W.T. Avery, John McKee, Harold W. Leitch, Francis Carter, Georgette Boulanger Carter, Sheila Grimes, Abraham Lincoln, Henry Bauer, Alfred Teichmeier, H. Topham, Edwin A. Buthmann, Sebastiano Murabito, Allen Ash, George Emmett, Larry Cadogan, Joseph E. Walworth, George S. Merrill, Frederick Olmsted