The 1970s and 1980s


Left Column (top to bottom)

  • Members and Activities (A) 
  • A Thanksgiving Service: Every 28 years, Jewish people give thanks to the sun when the planets return to the exact configuration they were in when the sun was created. Taking part: (from left) Maurice Needle, Morris Schuman, Robert Goldberg, Israel Goldberg, Maurice Schwartz, and Charles White (in rear). 
  • Dedication of renovations, September 16, 1973. Hon. Maurice Schwartz addressing the Congregation. 
  • Charlotte Cohen Blood and Robert Goldberg, 1978 
  • Rose Cuscia, Augusta and Jack Hershfield, and Abraham Zaft, 1978. Rose Cuscia was President of the Ladies' Auxiliary, Congregation Ansha Sholum, in the 1970's. 

Right Column (top to bottom)

  • Lillian Longo, Bertha Weiner,Jennie Wigrizer, Augusta Hershfield, Jennie Issenberg, and Rose Cuscia, 1973 
  • The 1980's saw an influx of Jewish immigrants from the Soviet Union (B) 


(A) Photos: Robert Goldberg and Lawrence Eagle Tribune
(B) From "The Boston Globe Magazine,"July 7, 1985. By Sylvia Rothchild, illustrations by Anthony Russo.