The Lawrence History Center strives to make our historic site in downtown Lawrence a welcoming place for any and all to spend time, conduct research, connect with others, and participate in special events.

  • School Visits 

    We offer educational opportunities at our location and on-site at schools (as staff schedules permit). Our collections represent content in all curriculum areas -- math, science, technology, engineering, art and culture, ethnic diversity, immigration, urban planning, social innovation, etc. We do not charge students from the Lawrence Public Schools for school trips. A $12.00/student rate (as of May 1, 2023) is charged for students from schools in other districts. For more information and/or to schedule a visit, please email or call 978-686-9230.

  • Summer Workshops 

    Summer programming supports our efforts to link the rich history of Lawrence to current local, regional, and national themes in order to create more fulfilling lives for students and residents; to propel them forward toward greater accomplishment.

    • "Lawrence Student Writing Workshop: The Rising Loaves", a collaboration between the Lawrence History Center and Andover Bread Loaf (an outreach program of Phillips Academy) to provide a free place-based learning opportunity for low-moderate income middle school Lawrence students.


  • Symposiums 

    Because of our vibrant academic and community network, we are able to bring people together (e.g. scholars, graduate, undergraduate, and high school students, local historians, etc.) to present research, art, music, and exhibitions around specific subject areas.

    Since 2012, we have held 5 symposiums on such topics as the 1912 Bread and Roses Strike, post Second World War immigration, Urban Renewal, Public Health, and Public Safety.

  • We also offer intern, work-study, and directed study opportunities; educational resources on-site and online; traveling exhibits; and close proximity to other historical resources.