In early 2019, UMass Lowell graduate student/Methuen High School social studies teacher Stephanie Turmel created an introductory lesson and two Lawrence history based unit plans for educators. She worked under the supervision of UMass Distinguished Professor of History Robert Forrant and Lawrence History Center staff. 

These plans are free and available for use at the links below. 

Lesson: Introduction to the History of Lawrence 

This lesson may be completed before starting other lessons and activities about the history of Lawrence, Massachusetts to help provide important background information and historical context for students. 

Summary: In this lesson, students will be introduced to the history of the city of Lawrence, Massachusetts. Students will also identify major events in the history of Lawrence and sequence them in chronological order on a timeline. 

Unit Plan #1: The Immigrant City 

Summary: This unit plan focuses on the early history of Lawrence. Students learn about how and why Lawrence became a city. They also learn who immigrated to Lawrence, where they came from, and why they came during different time periods. 

Essential Questions: What are the experiences of past Lawrence immigrants and how do they compare to those of today’s immigrants? What are the different reasons immigrants come to the United States? 

Unit Plan #2: Remembering the Pemberton Mill Tragedy 

Summary: This unit plan will focus on the 1860 Pemberton Mill Tragedy in Lawrence, Massachusetts. 

Essential Question: Who gets to decide how we remember events in history and in what ways do we remember events in our history? 

If you have questions about the resources, Stephanie has generously offered the following contact information: 

Mrs. Stephanie Turmel 
Social Studies Department 
Methuen High School 
Phone: (978) 722-6040 ext. 2274 


The Great Strike, Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1912 Curriculum - Student and Teacher Materials 

Small Planet Communications, Inc., in partnership with the Lawrence History Center, has developed a comprehensive curriculum for teachers and students on the historic textile strike that took place in Lawrence in 1912.