The Neighborhood

Captions (clockwise):

  • (A) Map of the Neighborhood, 1875. Future location of the Synagogue: Ash (later Park) Street and Hampshire Street, Lawrence
  • (B) The Spicket River
  • (C) The Arlington Mills: Largest Employer in the neighborhood
  • (D) Park Street
  • (E) Penn's Apothecary, founded by Abraham Penn in 1928, Park and Lawrence Streets


(A) (C) (D) Photos: Courtesy, Lawrence History Center

(B) Photo: Jurg Siegenthaler 

(E) Abraham Penn's daughter, Mildred Bernice Penn Moscov, returned to Lawrence to operate the pharmacy after Abe Penn's retirement. Richard Paduchowski purchased the pharmacy from her. Jacob Alman, pharmacist at Penn's, lived on Hampshire Street and was an active member of the congregation. Source: Personal communication with Michael Paduchowski, November, 2009. Photo: Courtesy, Lawrence History Center