The WPA Projects "In the state we were considered to have accomplished more through [WPA] programs than any other city our size in the state." Walter Griffin, Mayor of Lawrence (1933-1941) Lawrence History Center, Oral History Collection Lawrencians needed jobs. From 1935-1943, the WPA provided employment to thousands in this city, undertaking a great variety of projects under the supervision of Lawrence WPA Administrator Cornelius J. Casey. Work was hard and jobs remained scarce, but the WPA was concrete evidence of progress and hope. This section of the exhibit will introduce you to a few of the many WPA projects designed to meet local needs in Lawrence. The following categories were established by the WPA: 


*Roads and highways 

* Repair of Public Buildings 

*Recreational Facilities 

*Public Utilities 

* White Collar Work 

* Relief Production*Conservation 

* Airports