The WWII Generation


Left Column (top to bottom)

  • The Roll of Honor, created by the Jewish War Veterans, Lawrence Post 40, recognizes the names of 380 Jewish veterans from the greater Lawrence area. (A) 
  • Plaque honoring men and women of the greater Lawrence Jewish community serving in the armed forces, being presented to the YMHA by the Jewish community and Lawrence Post 40,Jewish War Veterans. (B) 

Right Column (top to bottom)

  • Restoration, Roll of Honor (C) 
    Banner of the Jewish War Veterans (D)
  • Voyage of the St. Louis - In May 1939, the German liner St. Louis sailed from Hamburg, Germany, to Havana, Cuba, carrying 937 passengers, almost all Jewish refugees. The Cuban government refused to allow the ship to land, and the United States and Canada were unwilling to admit the passengers. The St. Louis passengers were finally permitted to land in western European countries rather than return to Nazi Germany. However, later, 254 St. Louis passengers were killed in the Holocaust. (E) 
  • The first Jewish Service, WWII Battlefield, in Aachen, Germany, October 29, 1944. NBC Radio and the American Jewish Committee sponsored the first radio broadcast of a Jewish service in the midst of the fight for Aachen. VII Corps Chaplain Rabbi Sidney Lefkowitz led the service; Assistant Gunner, Private First Class, Max Fuchs, second from left, served as cantor. (F) 
  • Watch an interview with Max Fuchs, the cantor in the first Jewish religious service that was broadcast from occupied German territory in 1944:


(A) Photo: Jurg Siegenthaler
(B) By war's end, two more wings were added to include all names. Photo: Lawrence Eagle Tribune. 
QR Code: List of Veterans, Courtesy Louise Sandberg, Special Collections, Lawrence Public Library 
(C) The restored Roll of Honor is housed at Congregation Beth Israel in Andover. Photo: Lawrence
Eagle Tribune, July 13, 2006.
(D) Image: Courtesy,Jewish War Veterans of the United States 
(E) St. Louis:
(F) Max Fuchs' obituary: 
Credits: NBC; The New York Times