Many contributors came together to make this exhibit possible. First of all, we wish to thank the staff of the Lawrence History Center for their most valuable documentary and pictorial materials and their expert advice, namely Barbara Brown for the 2009 version and Susan Grabski for the 2019 version of the exhibit. We also thank Amita Kiley, Collections Manager and Research Coordinator, for her continuous support. We extend special gratitude to Susan Grabski, Director of the Lawrence History Center, for the digitization of the present exhibit. 

Once we had decided to aim at a graphically enhanced format for the exhibit, we were very pleased to gain the artistic contribution of Kate Delaney, who designed all panels, both in terms of the art of their frames and the arrangements of images, captions, and references on the panels. We greatly appreciate her work. At a later stage, we needed high-quality photographs of the frames and objects between the panels, and were fortunate to receive expert pictures by Destiny Medina of Elevated Thought. 

Our thanks also include photographs of the shul and its members taken by Michael Canyes, Yadira Betances Muldoon and Steven Perlmutter, as well as Richard Russell, who caught the spirit of the exhibit opening. CLICK HERE to view the photos.

In time for the 2019 anniversary, we were very pleased and impressed by the completion of Bill Porteous’ report, Children of Abraham Cemetery, Lawrence, Massachusetts. We thank him for this major effort to capture the records of the past Jewish presence in Lawrence. He enhanced both of our exhibit openings with a display panel on his study. 

Our exhibit was supported in part by a grant from the Lawrence Cultural Council/Massachusetts Cultural Council. Last but not least our gratitude extends to all members of the congregation past and present who contributed picture and text materials to the exhibit. 

Especially acknowledged are the contributions of Melvin Zaft, fourth-generation president of the congregation, and our current president, Frayda Koffman. Without their spirit of deep appreciation for our history, this project would not have been possible. 

Thanks to all who helped us curate Ansha Sholum at 100! 

Jurg Siegenthaler  
Linda Rosman Siegenthaler