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2014 Eartha Dengler History Award Ceremony to Honor Benny and Mory Espaillat - June 19, 2014

Directions and Parking Information for Attendees -- Please Read! 


It is with great pleasure that the Board of Directors of the Lawrence History Center announces the recipients of the 2014 Eartha Dengler History Award:

Benny and Mory Espaillat Emigrating from the Dominican Republic more than 30 years ago, Benny and Mory Espaillat have built a storied life in Lawrence as entrepreneurs, preservationists, advocates, and social activists. Their volunteer leadership enriches the work of many of Lawrence’s most vital non-profits. Their shared business is a beacon for commercial revitalization. Here and in the homeland they have never forgotten, they have known what it is to be both warriors and mentors. Today their faith, passion, and commitment to their adopted city lifts young people, artists, immigrants and business professionals alike toward greater success.

2014 Eartha Dengler Award Ceremony Host Committee

Yanitzia Canetti Ralph Carrero Richard Chavez Maggie Super Church Kay Berthold Frishman Vivian Garcia Zoila Gomez Jennelle Graziano Patricia Karl Fr. Joachim Lally Alberto Nuñez Mayor Daniel Rivera Julia Silverio Rep. David Torrisi Senator Sue Tucker

Please join us as a guest and/or event sponsor on Thursday, June 19, 2014!