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September 30, 2022: Lawrence History Center celebrates 30 years in the Essex Company Office & Yard; welcomes one new member to its board of directors

September 30, 2022 


Contact(s): Susan Grabski, Executive Director, Lawrence History Center, 978-686-9230 

Lawrence History Center celebrates 30 years in the Essex Company Office & Yard; welcomes one new member to its board of directors 

Lawrence, MA – On September 24, 2022, the Lawrence History Center (LHC) held its 44th Annual Meeting and Open House. LHC Board President Mark Cutler presided over the meeting at which one new board member -- Christian Nuñez -- was elected by the membership to serve his first three year term. The meeting and open house marks 30 years since LHC took ownership of the Essex Company Office & Yard, as site listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Mark called the meeting that took place in the Essex Company Stable to order at 10:05 AM. He welcomed guests and thanked LHC board, staff, and volunteers for their efforts across the last year. He introduced a video from October 1992 that captures founder Eartha Dengler (1922-2014) and then president Pamela Yameen cutting the ribbon on the Essex Company Offices & Yard. Chet Sidell, Board Member Emeritus (1941-2018), also shares some remarks:

Mark then, in LHC Board Secretary Sara Morin Barth’s stead, presented the LHC Annual Meeting Minutes, 9/25/2021 for approval. After the membership accepted the minutes, LHC Treasurer Mark Svendsen presented the Fy2022 Treasurer's Report for acceptance. His overview included a summary of our revenue and other support, in addition to our expenses and investment account balance. After the FY2022 Treasurer's Report was accepted, LHC Vice President Glennys Sanchez presented the following Board Slate of Candidates, 2022-2023 and introduced one new nominated board member: 

Renewing Member(s): Director Position(s): Andy Kelley, 2022 – 2025 (2nd term) 

New Member(s): New Board Director(s):

Christian Nuñez, 2022-2025 (1st term)

Christian was born in Lawrence and grew up between there and Methuen. He works as a real estate investor and developer, focusing on the city of Lawrence and surrounding Merrimack Valley. He also works alongside his family at their real estate development business Syramad Properties Inc. covering Residential, Commercial, and Industrial real estate. As a natural lover of history, Christian hopes to play a major role in the revival of Lawrence’s downtown while maintaining the city’s historical architecture. 

After the Board Slate's acceptance by the membership, Glennys also thanked outgoing board member Robert Forrant for his 9 years of service to the board (3 consecutive 3-year terms) and presented him with a gift from the board. 

To learn more about the 16 member LHC Board of Directors, 2022-2023, please visit: /about/board 

After the business meeting was adjourned, the membership heard updates from LHC Executive Director Susan Grabski and Collections Manager Amita Kiley. Both of their reports will be expanded upon in the upcoming Annual Report, 2021-2022. ------------- 

Book Event: "Where Are the Workers? Labor's Stories at Museums and Historic Sites"

 Co-editor Robert Forrant (UMass Lowell Professor of History and Lawrence History Center Board Member) will provide background for why this new book was put together and its intent. Authors Jim Beauchesne, Kathleen S. Flynn, and Susan Grabski will speak about Chapter 3: Lawrence, Massachusetts and the 1912 Bread and Roses Strike at Street Level: Interpretation Over Time.