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2015 Eartha Dengler History Award Ceremony to Honor Lou Bernieri and Rich Gorham - June 18, 2015


 It is with great pleasure that the Board of Directors of the Lawrence History Center announces the recipients of the 2015 Eartha Dengler History Award:

Lou Bernieri and Rich Gorham Lou Bernieri and Rich Gorham have brought together their shared roots in both Phillips Academy and the city of Lawrence to develop a remarkable writing program for teachers that inspires young people to discover and draw on their own strengths. Working with teachers who are trained in both youth development and the teaching of writing, young students find their own voices, and tell their own stories. They take back the narratives of their lives and their community, and come to appreciate, perhaps for the first time, the unique value they bring to the communities they live in. The Andover Bread Loaf (ABL) program, as it is formally known, is based at Phillips Academy and anchored in the immigrant city of Lawrence. Initially shaped by the challenges and the hopes of the city, through the guidance of Lou and Rich’s shared vision and passion, ABL has now grown to communities worldwide. Dozens of young writers are gathering weekly at El Taller / The Workshop in downtown Lawrence to share their work and their hopes. In Lawrence and beyond, hundreds of program “graduates” are helping to rebuild and transform their communities through their unlocked skills, their leadership, and their empowered understanding of who they are. 2015 Eartha Dengler Award Ceremony Host Committee

Adele Carter Mory Espaillat Michael Fiato Mary Guerrero Rafael Guzman Mike Hearn Karen Kravchuk John Palfrey Mayor Daniel Rivera

Please join us as a guest and/or event sponsor on Thursday, June 18, 2015!