Transforming Leadership: The 2008 Dengler History Awardees

Transforming Leadership: The 2008 Dengler History Awardees

The Lawrence History Center~Immigrant City Archives, founded 30 years ago by Eartha Dengler, occupies the historic compound of the Essex Company, and maintains and makes accessible all the records of this company that planned and built the city of Lawrence. The Center is also the repository of all records, pictures and artifacts of the rich and far broader history of Lawrence, so aptly called the Immigrant City. 

Lawrence, the Immigrant City, has always been a place of transformation. Within 3 years in the 1840's, the Essex Company transformed the farmland along the Merrimack into an industrial city and transformed the Merrimack into an energy source. This introduced a legacy of innovation, transformation and adaptation. Being a true immigrant city, we experience continuing evolution. The city is special for many things BUT our ability to adapt to change; to transform and to meet the needs of the current community has set Lawrence apart. These are the qualities celebrated in the 2008 Dengler Award Honorees.

On June 12, 2008, the event of our 30th Anniversary, the LHC honored ten Transforming Leaders in our community. These individuals ,honored in the historic Essex Company courtyard, selected by previous Dengler History Award winners, exemplify a spirit - a courage - an energy - to meet today's challenges & to seek beneficial transformations in this ever-changing City. 

We at the Lawrence History Center are proud to introduce the 2008 Dengler Award Honorees:

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