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Disaster In Lawrence ~ Fall of the Pemberton Mill

September 3, 2008~Disaster in Lawrence Fall of the Pemberton Mill and Pemberton Casualties

Read excerpt in Yankee Magazine
Alvin Oickle, former journalist, reporter, writing instructor at U Mass Amherst and author, spoke at the Lawrence History Center Genealogy meeting Wednesday, September 3, 2008.

Author Alvin Oikle speaking to Genealogy Group

The collapse of the Pemberton Mill is still chronicled as a significant industrial calamity. January, 1860 saw a mill collapse and then, unbelievably, a lit lantern tipped, and a fire consumed the complex. In Disaster in Lawrence Oickle spoke about the disaster, the causes,the tragedy and the aftermath.

Oickle's companion volume, Pemberton Casualties , takes an in-depth look at the victims - both the deceased and the survivors. Oickle discussed his research, answered questions and signed books.
Al discussed his research, why he chose that topic, gave insight into why the tragedy happened; why it was difficult to accurately list the victims and survivors. He reminded us that Abraham Lincoln came to Lawrence after the tragedy - Lincoln had been in Exeter, NH visiting his son and when he read of the disaster, he came to Lawrence. The book is an interesting read - one cannot help compare the disaster relief of 1860 to modern disasters such as World Trade Towers and Hurricane Katrina.
Both books available for purchase at the History Center.

Today the reconstructed Pemberton Mill eerily stands at the site of the original, doomed mill on the island between Canal Street and the Merrimack River

Both books available for purchase at the History Center.