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Alice O'Connor (1886-1968) was an immigration worker in Boston, Massachusetts. Between 1918 and 1962 she worked as the executive secretary, social worker, executive official, and finally board member for the Massachusetts Department of Education's Division of Immigration and Americanization. She sought to ensure that all immigrants to Massachusetts were treated without prejudice and were given the opportunity to gain an education, earn a living, and become citizens of the United States. Living her entire life in Lawrence, Massachusetts, she was a very religious woman for whom family and friends were very important. Her diaries and thesis document both her personal and professional lives.

  • Alice Winifred O'Connor Immigration Thesis, 1914 (View on Internet Archive)

  • Alice Winifred O'Connor Diaries (View on Internet Archive)

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    Subjects: Immigration History, Immigration Law, Discrimination, Naturalization, Citizenship, Massachusetts Division of Immigration and Naturalization, International Institute of Boston, National League for American Citizenship, National Citizenship Education Program, Massachusetts Displaced Persons Commission, Education, Economics, Social Clubs, Political Clubs, Emmanuel College, Social Work, Lawyers, Great Depression, Works Project Administration, World War II, Cold War, McCarran Act, Red Scare, Communism, Religion, St. Francis Purgatorial Society, Families, Genealogy
    People: Pauline Rever Thayer, Mary Guyton, Mary O'Connor, Susanna O'Connor, Eleanor O'Connor, John P. O'Connor, Susanna (Brassill) O'Connor, Walter H. Bieringer, Senator/President John F. Kennedy, Dennis E. Callahan, Governor Leverett Saltonstall, John E Sweeney, Mary Sweeney, Mary O'Connor (Alice O'Connor's Aunt), Maurice Mahoney, Maggie Leary, Charles O'Donnell, John Joyce, Ellen O'Connor, Abigail O'Connor, John Higgins, Timothy Sweeney, John P. O'Connor, Mary O'Connor Sullivan, Annie Hart, Honora F. Brassill, Bridget Brassill, Johanna Brassill, Nora Brassill, Patrick Brassill, Jan Coakley, Richard H. Forshay, Marjorie (Putnam) Coakley, Jennie Joyce, Katie A. Brassill, Captain Michael F. Sullivan, Mary A. Sullivan, John S. Sullivan, Richard J. Sullivan, President Calvin Coolidge, President William Howard Taft, President Herbert Hoover, President Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Alice O'Connor: Immigration Reformer


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